Binh Luu 6/22/2016 compass roundtable roundtable plansmith financial compass plansmith compass social banking community bank budget software

Not knowing where to start when asked to complete a bank budget or forecastcan be nerve-wracking at times. I'm sure we’ve all been there, myself included.Sitting in front of a computer asking, "am I calculating these prepaymentscorrectly? How are others doing this?"The best thing about an openroundtable forumis you’re all in the same boat using the same model!Being able to relate to one another with real life experience and build long lasting relationships with peers can’t be found on the Internet. That's why we started holding Financial Compass Roundtables;and so far, they've been a phenomenal success, not onlyfor us as facilitators, butfor the community bankers that actively craft the discussion.

Jim Fugitte 6/8/2016 strategic thinking fintech strategy competition community banking

Compliance The cost of regulatory compliance, declining product prices, and technological threats from new entrants all narrow the path to future profits. Even if the yield curve improves, these threats will force community banks to search harder to improve earnings.It can’t be done on the fly;only strategic thinking and careful planning in the context of your market and the opportunities available will be successful. Would you coach a Super Bowl team without a playbook? Probably not.

Jenny Mello 5/11/2016 roundtable community banking

Thank you to everyone who attended the March 2016 Financial Compass Roundtable!
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